quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012


free will and testament, robert wyatt (1997)
the unthanks (2012)

Given free will but within certain limitations,
I cannot will myself to limitless mutations,
I cannot know what I would be if I were not me,
I can only guess me.

So when I say that I know me, how can I know that?
What kind of spider understands arachnophobia?
I have my senses and my sense of having senses.
Do I guide them? Or they me?

The weight of dust exceeds the weight of settled objects.
What can it mean, such gravity without a centre?
Is there freedom to un-be?
Is there freedom from will-to-be?

Sheer momentum makes us act this way or that way.
We just invent or just assume a motivation.
I would disperse, be disconnected. Is this possible?
What are soldiers without a foe?

Be in the air, but not be air, be in the no air.
Be on the loose, neither compacted nor suspended.
Neither born nor left to die.

Had I been free, I could have chosen not to be me.
Demented forces push me madly round a treadmill.
Demented forces push me madly round a treadmill.
Let me off please, I am so tired.
Let me off please, I am so very tired

2 comentários:

  1. Quedé como en éxtasis... Con febril premura,
    «¡Síguela!», gritaron cuerpo y alma al par.

    ...Pero tuve miedo de amar con locura,
    de abrir mis heridas, que suelen sangrar,
    ¡y no obstante toda mi sed de ternura,
    cerrando los ojos, la dejé pasar!

    Amado Nervo

    A. H.